The 8th Consultation of the

European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy

The Consultation took place in All Hallows College, Dublin, Ireland 1- 5 September 2004


Preliminary Notice

1 December 2003

THE European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy has met every other year since 1990. Its purpose is to co-ordinate and develop hospital chaplaincy in different countries, churches or associations throughout Europe.

The next Consultation will take place in Dublin. The theme will be "Growing together in our pain: Differences and Tensions in Healthcare Chaplaincy in Europe." There will be different speakers from many parts of Europe addressing this topic at the Consultation.

We invite a representative from your church or association to participate in this consultation, which will take place in All Hallows College, Gracepark Road, Dublin on 1 - 5 September 2004. The participation fee is 500 euros. This includes room, board, registration fee, and the participation fee to the Network

A more detailed programme will be posted in February 2004.

Yours sincerely,

Kathleen O'Connor

Health Care Chaplaincy Board