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The Network Committee will propose two changes to the Constitution which we will vote on at the 10th Consultation in Tartu.

1. Paragraph 4 to be changed to read as follows:

4. Participants
Participation in the Network shall be open to representatives from faiths, churches and national associations who support and provide spiritual care in health care settings and who affiliate with ENHCC. Each affiliated faith group, church or national association may appoint more than one representative >to participate in the activities of ENHCC but shall have only one vote for any motion or resolution brought before consultations and meetings. Affiliated bodies shall be asked to contribute a participation fee as shall be fixed from time to time by the ENHCC Committee.

The changed words “more than one representative” are marked in bold italic print. The original wording of the constitution was: “as many representatives as it wishes”

2. Paragraph 8 to be changed to read as follows:

8. Administration of the Network
The Network shall be administered by a committee elected by secret ballot at a consultation of the ENHCC. The committee should broadly represent the participants and seek gender balance.
The Committee shall consist of six members:

  • A Coordinator who shall hold office for a period of four years and may be elected for a further two years. If the coordinator for any reason cannot continue to serve, the Committee shall appoint a substitute coordinator.
  • Four ordinary committee members, who shall serve for two years and may be elected for another term
  • The organiser of the next consultation
  • The organiser of the current consultation
  • The webmaster who is appointed by the committee.

The change here removes the need to elect 2 substitute committee members and increases the number of ordinary committee members from 2 to 4.

You will find the full text of the Constitution approved in Dublin in 2004 on the Network website.

Proposed changes to constitution as Word document

November 2007

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