ENHCC 12th Consultation

Mennorode, Netherlands
6-10 June 2012



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Opening Ceremony


Simon EversSimon Evers, the chair of VGVZ (the Dutch chaplaincy organisation) welcomed everyone to the 12th Consultation and lit the candle which had been buring during the 11th Consultation in London in 2010.


Welcome to Mennorode

Dear colleagues, welcome to the 12th Consultation of the European Network of Healthcare Chaplaincy in the Netherlands.  This is the second consultation to be held here, the first consultation here was in 1993 and was also hosted by the Dutch Association of Spiritual Caregivers in Healthcare Institutions.

Our Association consists of six sections: Protestant, Catholic, Humanist, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim.  Our 800 members work in six different areas: general and academic hospitals, psychiatry, rehabilitation for the elderly, care of young people, nursing homes and care for the mentally disabled.

I do hope that you enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Mennorode and that the trips planned in Amsterdam may enrich our time together. 

I am very glad to welcome to this opening ceremony the representatives of the three largest mandating communities in the Netherlands for spiritual caregivers: the Revd Arjan Plaisier of the Protestant Church, Mgr Everard de Jong of the Catholic Church and Jan Hein Mooren of the Humanist Association.

It is very important to have you here, because I am strongly convinced that in our work, professionalism and spiritual rootedness belong together.

In this opening ceremony we will get acquainted with each other, with our spiritual traditions and with the theme of the consultation. 

Thank you.



The central part of the opening ceremony was the presentation of an object which had a spiritual significance by each of the participants. These were placed on a table in the chapel and remained there throughout the consultation.



peakers at the Opening Ceremony

Arjan Plaisier
Revd Arjan Plaisier

Revd Arjan Plaisier of the Protestant Church [Text]

Everard de Jong
Mgr Everard de Jong

Mgr Everard de Jong of the Catholic Church

Jan Hein Mooren of the Humanist Association [Text]



Greetings Received

  • Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski
    (President of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers) [Text]


Fr Stavros Kofinas
Fr Stavros Kofinas

  • Fr Stavros Kofinas
    ( Coordinator of the Network of the Ecumenical Patriarchate
    for Pastoral Health Care) [Text]


  • Rev Kirsti Aalto
    (Honarary Member of the Network) [Text]




Apologies were received from the following :
George and Paula Burn
Fr Nuno Ferreira de Silva
Miriam Prasilova
Fr Angelo Brusco
Marlene Inauen
Audrey Kaelin
Thomas Hiemenz
Anna Seyfried
Derek Brown
Kirsti Aalto
Eirik Os


Thursday 7 June 2012



Working in an interdisciplinary way

Roel Hekking
Roel Hekking

  • Speaker: Roel Hekking (The Netherlands) [Text]
  • Responder : Judit Gál (Hungary) [Text]

Judit Gál



The contribution of the chaplain to healthcare outcomes

Ewan Kelly
Ewan Kelly

  • Speaker: Ewan Kelly (Scotland) [PowerPoint slides]
  • Responders: Dr Sjef van Baal who is a vascular surgeon but also chairs a hospital board and Anne Vandenhoeck

Dr Sjef van Baal
Dr Sjef van Baal



Friday 8 June 2012

Groups meet with health care professionals and chaplains at health care facilities in Amsterdam.

Prayer Service at the Chapel of the hospital Onze Lieve Vrouw Gasthuis



Saturday 8th June 2012


Session 3

Groups met to reflect and exchange about the experience in the hospital visits and to move towards and agreed statement from the Consultation

Plenary Session guided by Prof. Ruard Ganzevoort (www.ruardganzevoort.nl)

Notes from Session 3



Business Session

  • Constitution

    The proposed changes to the constitution were put to the meeting.  All agreed and  the changes were accepted [Constitution]

  • Appointment of Treasurer and Webmaster

    Robert Korneef agreed to continue for another 2 years as Treasurer and Jennifer McWhirter agreed to continue for another 2 years as Webmaster.  This was approved by the meeting.

Robert Korneef
Robert Korneef - Treasurer

Jennifer McWhirter
Jennifer McWhirter - Webmaster

  • Next Consultation
    Two offers to host the next consultation were made:

    Austria (Salzburg).  Detlef Schwarz offered to act as host.
    Northern Ireland (Belfast).  Gerard Fox offered to act as host.  To look at peace and reconciliation considering our own history in our country and themes of identity and diversity from this current consultation.

    A vote was taken
    Austria - 19
    Northern Ireland - 14

    The next consultation will take place in Salzburg in 2014.

  • Election of Committee
    Voting took place for four committee members to serve on the Network Committee for 2 years:

    Committee member 1 - Judit Gál (Hungary)
    Committee member 2 - Anne Miller (France)
    Committee member 3 - Fr Adamantios Avgoustidis (Greece)
    Committee member 4 - Ewan Kelly (Scotland)

Anne Vandenhoeck
Coordinator Anne Vandenhoeck speaks to committee meember Anne Miller-Laurpete

The Network Committee 2012-214 was confirmed as:

Co-ordinator - Anne Vandenhoeck (Belgium)
Organiser Mennorode - Simon Evers (Netherlands)
Organiser Salzburg - Detlef Schwarz (Austria)
Treasurer - Robert Koorneef (Netherlands)
Webmaster - Jennifer McWhirter (N Ireland)
Committee member 1 - Judit Gál (Hungary)
Committee member 2 - Anne Miller (France)
Committee member 3 - Fr Adamantios Avgoustidis (Greece)
Committee member 4 - Ewan Kelly (Scotland)

[Committee Page]

  • Financial Statement
    The financial statement presented by the treasurer was approved.


Sunday 9 June 2012


Final Session

Discussion of the final statement
The statement was gone through a line at a time and agreed.


Fred Coutts

Fred was thanked for all his work and commitment to the network.

Fred Coutts
Fred Coutts



he Fr Stavros Kofinas Fund was inaugurated

Fr Stavros Kopfinas
Fr Stavros Kofinas



Prayer Service and Closing Ceremony

The consultation concluded with a Eucharist service after which the Coordinator presented one of the spiritual tokens which had been placed on the table at the opening ceremony to each participant.




Pre-consultation papers


From the Coordinator

January 15th, 2012

Dear all,

As you have been informed, the upcoming 12th Consultation of the ENHCC will take place between the 6th and the 10th of June 2012 in the conference-centre ‘Mennorode’ in Elspeet (the Netherlands). Our gracious hosts, Simon Evers and Robert Koorneef, have been working eagerly in organizing our stay in the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands. Along with this letter, you will find a letter from them, a copy of the program, the registration form and details of where the meeting will take place.

The theme of the 12th Consultation, Working together - The challenge for chaplaincy in an interdisciplinary era, will offer opportunities for interesting presentations and discussions. What is an interdisciplinary perspective in care?  What are the role of the chaplain and the contribution of chaplaincy to health care outcomes? How do we work in a constructive way with other disciplines for the wellbeing of patients? How will chaplaincy evolve in relation to other professions in health care? These are just a few of the questions coming to mind.

You will notice that this Consultation, as opposed to the last one, has a different format as to the days we will meet. Our meeting will begin on Wednesday afternoon (June 6th) and end on Sunday midday (June 10th), following lunch. Being that Amsterdam’s airport (Schiphol) is a hub for European airlines, it will not be difficult for you to find flights that will get you into the country, on Wednesday, before our meeting and out of the country, on Sunday, after its conclusion. I would like to ask that we all book our flights accordingly so as not to lose any of the sessions. They are all important! Also, I suggest that you plan your trip immediately to cut down on the air fare. If needed it is possible to arrive one night earlier or to leave one day later. Please communicate your wishes as soon as you have made your plans so that the Dutch organization can provide the opportunity for you to come earlier or leave later. You can indicate your plans on the registration form.

Finally, for representatives who wish to receive sponsorship for the Consultation, I ask that you mark this on the registration form and write the treasurer of the ENHCC, Robert Koorneef (robertkoorneef@me.com), before the end of March. There are limited funds that will be divided accordingly to help you cover the cost of registration. (As in the past, we are not in a position to cover travel costs.)
With this letter, I would like to send my warmest and heartfelt best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Anne Vandenhoeck
Coordinator of the European Network of Healthcare Chaplaincy
(Representative of Belgium)