The Marlène Inauen Fund

Out of the remembrance service for Marlène Inauen during the consultation in Salzburg, 2014:


“As chaplains we experience the fragility of life first hand. So did Marlène Inauen. She was a Swiss Catholic chaplain, a colleague of Audrey Kaelin, and loved her work. Marlène was a faithful representative of the Swiss Catholic chaplains in the ENHCC consultations. We loved her and she loved us. She was a smart, warm, loyal, dedicated and deeply spiritual person. She missed our consultation in London in 2010 due to health problems but she sent us all a Swiss pencil on the first day of the consultation. So thoughtful, that was Marlène. She was on her way to recovery but found a sudden death when she fell in the mountains in Grenoble during a retreat. Now we were reminded of the fragility of life by one of our own. We miss her and are so grateful for what she has brought to our network. She would like the fact that we remember her tonight in silence and in the simplicity of a few songs and bible texts. But she would not want the attention all for herself. That was not Marlène. That is why we also light a candle for all those who live in our hearts and for whom we care. “