Some Historical Notes about the Network



In October 1990 the First European Consultation took place in Berlin and dealt with critical ethical issues. The Consultation had 11 participants.


Second Consultation was held in Uppsala, Sweden, in May 1993. The Consultation focused on the organisation of Chaplaincy and had 9 participants.


Third Consultation, organised in Oirschot, the Netherlands, in September 1994, was centred on the relationship between ministerial and professional competence regarding the quality standard of Hospital Chaplaincy. The Consultation had 24 participants from 15 countries.


Fourth Consultation was held in Radstock, close to the historical city of Bath, England, in October 1996. The major theme was Hospital Chaplaincy in a Multicultural and Secularised Society. There were 35 participants who met from 16 countries.


Fifth Consultation, organised in the ancient city of Rome, in September 1998, was focused on the theme National, Institutional and Ecumenical Biographies. In Rome there were 24 participants from 21 countries.


The main issue of the Sixth Consultation in Greece, which took place on the island of Crete, in November 2000, was One United European Community! One United Hospital Chaplaincy? - The Necessity of a European Standard and Association for Hospital Chaplaincy. It was at this Consultation that 23 participants from 15 European countries decided on the formation of The European Network of Heath Care Chaplaincy.


The Seventh Consultation of the European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy took place in Turku, Finland in June 2002 and agreed the Standards for health care chaplaincy in Europe. We were 40 participants from 21 countries.


The Eighth Consultation took place in Dublin, Ireland in September 2004.  The theme was "Growing together in our pain: Differences and Tensions in Healthcare Chaplaincy in Europe."   There were 36 representatives from 23 countries.   The Constitution of the Network was agreed.




A short video was prepared celebrating 20 years of the Network for the Consultation in London in 2010.

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