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Reference: Os2004-1

Professional Integration and Pastoral Integrity

Rev Eirik Os

Introduction to a discussion. Presented at the ENHCC conference ‘Growing together in our pain. Differences and tensions in healthcare Chaplaincy in Europe' in Dublin, 2004.

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Challenges in contemporary healthcare, relation to the secular, professional integration, pastoral integrity

Every country in the European Community has a different history of the relationship between church and state. The most central pain in the European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy is the different principles in how chaplaincy should connect to the secular. Chaplains work in the public area of health care and therefore need recognition of the state. But how do chaplains connect themselves to the secular? It is a fact that health care itself became secular. At the same time it turned into a cathedral of science, political decision making, control, modern management and economy. Is there any room for faith in this cathedral? Our task is to integrate pastoral care as a profession with accountability. The context of contemporary health care might induce a tension with our pastoral integrity. This tension should be used to clarify our responsibilities and to increase our professional standards.
(abstract by Anne Vandenhoeck)

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