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Reference: opatrna2006-1

Why Spiritual Care in the Czech Healthcare System?
Proč spirituální péče v českém zdravotnickém systému

MUDr. Mgr. Marie Opatrná

Article published in Diagnóza v osetřovatelství 3/2006, ročník 2 Promediamotion Praha 105 – 108

Original language:
Czech, available in English translation

Key words:
Czech, spirituality, religiosity, pastoral care, Bible, prayer, the sense of human existence, chaplain, palliative care, service

Marie Opatrná, MD and chaplain, pleads for spiritual care in her country's health care, which after so many years of communist regime, does not have too many words in its language to express matters of spirituality and religion. Two issues should urge the development of chaplaincy: the existential, spiritual and religious quest of every human being and the confrontation with the global integration of spiritual aspects in a palliative care plan for patients.

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