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Psychospiritual care: a paradigm (shift) of care for the spirit in a non-religious context

Revd Dr Steve Nolan


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The Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy, Spring/Summer 2006, vol 7 no 1 pp 12-22

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Key words:
Generic Spiritual Care, Psychospiritual, Dasein, Humanistic-Phenomenological, Myth, Postmodern, Ritual, Confession

A pressing question for many chaplains concerns the meaning of spiritual care in a non-religious context. From different perspectives, Pattison and Walter both question the distinctive contribution of chaplains offering a generic approach to spiritual care. I suggest that using a humanistic-phenomenological definition of spirituality as ‘a way of being' allows chaplains to understand the care they offer in terms of ‘psychospiritual' care, that is a care offered on the shared terrain of spirituality and consciousness of being. I note that chaplains' distinctive contribution comes from the fact that we are familiar with this terrain, and I consider three aspects of psychospiritual care: mapping and marking, personal work and ‘hearing confession'.

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