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Pastoral Counselling in Care Services: Between Confidential Space and Integrated Care

Axel Liégeois


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Counselling and Spirituality 25/2 (2006) 127-140

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Key words:
Counselling, Information, Confidentiality,Integration

This article describes the position of pastoral counselling in health care in terms of a tension between confidential space and integrated care. The author opts for confidential space as the cornerstone of pastoral counselling. The pastor builds a relationship of trust based on his or her role as an explicit religious professional or as an ‘eccentric' professional. Hence, the pastor should keep confidential all information on the client. He or she might only reveal information after consultation with the client, except when there is a threat of serious harm.

This concept of confidential space can be combined with integration in the organization and in the management of the centre, but not with integration in the team or the care process. Therefore, the author introduces the concept of collaborative integration. This means that the pastor develops communication and collaboration with all partners concerned. This dialogue is the foundation of both confidential space and integrated care.

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