European Health Care Chaplaincy Library



Instructions for submitting abstracts


We are happy to include your abstracts of articles (with or without the full text) in our library. The purpose of the library is

  • to share knowledge about health care chaplaincy
  • to improve the quality of our work as chaplains
  • to establish further connections between the health care chaplaincies in Europe.

We recommend that you follow some instructions in order for your abstract to be included. Any abstract should of course be related to European health care chaplaincy, it's context, or to issues European chaplains encounter in their work.  Material can come from national journals on chaplaincy, spiritual care, pastoral care, health care, presentations, etc.

1. Please send us the TITLE of the article or book, the NAME OF THE AUTHOR and YOUR NAME (if you are not the author). If you are not the author and you also wish to send in the full text of the article, please be sure to include the permission of the author.

2. Please specify which FORM the text has: article, book, article in a book, presentation, book review, speech...  If the text has been published please include FULL PUBLICATION DETAILS.

3. All the abstracts must be in English. If that should be a problem, the editor will find ways to work on that with you. Please also list the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE of the text.

4. Give us some KEY WORDS that describe the content of the text. For example: spiritual care, intensive care units, end of life, family members, bereavement.

5. Write an ABSTRACT (summary) of the text (maximum 500 words)

6. WEB LINK: Please specify if the full text is available on the internet or not and list the address. If you wish to make it available, please attach the text to your mail.

All proposals (according to the instructions) to include articles should be send to:

We will notify you when your proposal is accepted.



Submission Form


You may find it helpful to download this form and save it on your computer.  You can then complete it and e-mail it back to the editor. [Download Submission Form]