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Differences and tensions in healthcare chaplaincy in Europe on a ecumenical level

Rev Rune Forsbeck

Introduction to a discussion. Presented at the ENHCC conference ‘Growing together in our pain. Differences and tensions in healthcare Chaplaincy in Europe' in Dublin, 2004.

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Ecumenical, mission, Jesus Christ

The author states that the two major ecumenical institutions (The World Council of Churches and The Conference of European Churches) do not have a commission on health care chaplaincy while the latter finds itself at the front line of the ecumenical development. Christian Churches and their chaplains have different takes on chaplaincy but they are all called by the same God to perform their tasks. They have the same mission and Jesus Christ is their fundamental inspiration. Chaplains should look at Jesus and learn from him. He often began with the question: ‘What do you want me to do for you? ‘A ecumenical oriented training for chaplains is fundamental. They can grow together in connection and solidarity, in sharing of experiences and insights, in mutual help and encouragement
(abstract by Anne Vandenhoeck)

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