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Reference: buessing2005-1

The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Medical Patients in Germany

Arndt Büssing, Thomas Ostermann and Peter F Matthiessen

Article in the Journal of Religion and Health 44 (2005/3) 321-340

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Key words:
questionnaires, religion and medicine, spirituality and religion, coping, chronic disease

Using the new developed SpREUK questionnaire (version 1.0b), we examined how German patients (n = 129) with cancer, multiple sclerosis and other diseases view the impact of spirituality and religiosity (SpR) on their health and how they cope with illness. Patients with both a religious and spiritual attitude (32%) had significantly higher values in the sub-scales dealing with the search for meaningful support, and the stabilizing effects of SpR than patients without such attitudes (20%), while patients with a non-spiritual religious attitude (35%) had lower perception of the beneficial effects of their SpR and had significantly lower scores in the search for meaningful support sub-scale. Just half of the non-spiritual religious group and 42% of religious patients are convinced that finding an access to a spiritual source has a positive influence on their illness.

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