Newsletter from the Coordinator of the Network

Fr Simon Evers


Dear representatives, members and friends of the ENHCC,

It is with great pleasure and joy that we can share the amazing news that our possible sponsor for ERICH (European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare) came through!
We will receive a grant to help develop the work of ERICH and give a good start to research on chaplaincy and by chaplains in health care!
It is the result of much hard work by Anne Vandenhoeck (Director, ERICH) and Ewan Kelly (Research Co-ordinator, ERICH)!

Thank you for reading carefully the texts preparing for the launch of ERICH and for your feedback. It is encouraging to have such support and interest in ERICH’s formation.
Your feedback is being taken into account and contributes to a good start for ERICH.

This is the fifth newsletter after Debrecen in June 2016, and we are achieving the goals we have set in our last consultation.

Attached is
1) Information about ERICH’s background and goals
2) An invitation to ERICH’s launch and how to register for the event.

We ask your kindness to translate them in their your own language and share them with your colleagues and other interested persons within your countries, churches, faith groups or associations.

Dates to remember

- Meeting of the Committee in 2017: Monday June 5th till Thursday June 8th in Louvain, Belgium. Please contact me if there is any issue that you would like to be discussed by the committee (
- The launch of ERICH on Tuesday June 6, 2017 from 11 am till 4 pm in the main hall of the University in Leuven, Belgium.
- Consultation of the ENHCC 2018 in Blankenberge, Belgium: Friday June 15th till Tuesday June 19th, 2018.

This is also an opportunity for us to send you the best wishes for a blessed Holy Week and a Joyful Feast of Easter.

On behalf of the entire committee of the ENHCC,

Simon Evers,
Coordinator ENHCC
12 April 2017

Please, if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to mail me (