Coordinator's Report


March 11, 2004

Dear Fellow Chaplains,

As you know, this coming September the participants of the European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy will be meeting in Dublin for their Eighth Consultation. The success of the Consultation greatly depends on how many participants attend, because this will give us all the opportunity of formulating a broader perspective of chaplaincy as it is practiced in Europe.

One of the major aims of the Network is to provide a support system amongst chaplaincies. In many countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, chaplaincy programs are struggling either to be established or to be maintained. The participation of these chaplaincies in the ENHCC is necessary for many reasons: 1) in providing encouragement and incentive in forming chaplaincy programs; 2) in providing support on a educational level in which clinical experience can be shared; 3) in allowing organized chaplaincies to form a broader view of chaplaincy on a ecumenical and multi-cultural level.

On behalf of the Network Committee and the Organizing Committee of the Eighth Consultation, I would like to encourage those, who for financial reasons are hesitant in registering for the Dublin Consultation, to register and to request for full or partial financial aide. I would also like to encourage Chaplaincies to consider sponsoring one of the representatives that need such assistance.

The registration fee for the Consultation is €500 (€425 room and board, consultation expenses + €75 (a contribution - participation fee - to the ENHCC.

If a representation cannot cover the cost of a full sponsorship, perhaps it could partially cover the cost.

Both those who need sponsorship as well as those who are willing to sponsor a representation should inform the Organizing Committee as soon as possible.

It is our hope that the ENHCC will continue in its growth, providing for the fellowship and support needed for each and every chaplaincy.

With respect,

Fr. Stavros Kofinas
Coordinator of the European Network of Healthcare Chaplaincy
(Representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate)