Coordinator's Report


February 21, 2004

Dear Fellow Chaplains,

All have you have received the first announcement inviting your chaplaincy to participate in the upcoming Consultation of the ENHCC which is to take place in Dublin this coming September.

As you read, the theme of the Consultation is "Growing together in our pain: Differences and Tensions in Healthcare Chaplaincy in Europe." We will be discussing differences and tensions of health care chaplaincy on an ecumenical, intra-denominational, multi-cultural, inter-disciplinary and governmental level.

In discussing the growth of chaplaincy in Europe, we will also be looking at the growth of the ENHCC. There will be a discussion on the way the Standards document, which was accepted in Turku, has been received by all the Chaplaincies. Were the standards approved? What were the reactions to the document? What were the difficulties involved in presenting and having the document accepted? The representative of your chaplaincy should be ready to give this feedback.

Another area of growth concerning the ENHCC will be to approve a constitution for the workings of the Network. Attached you will find the first draft of the constitution that was written this past September when the Network Committee met. Please print it out and review it carefully. Share it with your Chaplaincy’s administrative authority. In doing this, you will be able to come to Dublin prepared to give your suggestions and final approval of this important document.

The ENHCC has many challenges to face in the near future. This Consultation will give us the opportunity to start dealing with the difficulties and obstacles which influence our ministry in a constructive way. This is why your presence and participation is most necessary.

Remaining in the hope that we will soon be together,
Yours truly,

Fr. Stavros Kofinas
Coordinator of the European Network of Healthcare Chaplaincy
(Representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate)