Coordinator of the Network

Rev Gudrun Rosén - Sweden


Gudrun was elected as a committee member in June 2018 and as coordinator in May 2022. She is also the president of the Association of Hospital Chaplains in the Church of Sweden.
Gudrun got her Bachelor of Theology at the University of Uppsala and was ordained minister in the Church of Sweden in 1989 and has served as a minister since then.
For nine years she was a parish vicar and since 2011 hospital chaplain at the University Hospital in Uppsala. During her theology studies, she worked for a period in Tanzania as a teacher at a Secondary school.
She has training in healthcare chaplaincy, supervision in teams, pastoral care and leadership.
Outside work, she writes lyrics and music, sings in a church choir, and teaches a hymn writing school at Anders Frostenson´s foundation. In a small cottage on an island in the Baltic Sea, she finds recreation and peace. Uppsala is her hometown where she lives with her husband, and she has three grown up sons.



Mailing address:

c/o Gudrun Rosén
Torshavnsgatan 10
S-75263 Uppsala