The European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy

provides opportunities for representatives of European professional associations for chaplains and of churches and faiths to exchange and learn from each other in the care for the existential, spiritual and religious needs of patients, relatives and staff. The network works for the development of professional guidelines, promotes a high quality standard of health care chaplaincy and advocates the integration of spiritual care in health care. The Network was founded during the sixth consultation for European hospital chaplains at the Orthodox Academy of Crete in November 2000.

Members of the ENHCC Committee elected at Debrecen in June 2016

Launch of the European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare (ERICH)

KU Leuven, Belgium: 6 of June 2017

A celebratory event was held at KU Leuven, Belgium on 6th June 2017, to mark the launch of the European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare (ERICH). The day was characterised by a spirit of celebration and expectation for the future of ERICH. More information on ERICH and the launch can be found here.

14th Consultation of the ENHCC

Debrecen, Hungary - 1 to 5 of June 2016

"Advancing care of the soul: sharing best practice to promote spiritual health"

The 14th Consultation of ENHCC was held between June 1-5, 2016, in Debrecen, Hungary. It was a great opportunity to meet, share and work together with over 60 attendees from different countries, views, cultural and denominational experiences. More information on the Debrecen consultation can be found here.

Reformed Great Church of Debrecen


The European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy

Statement - Health Care Chaplaincy in the Midst of Transition


This statement is intended as a resource to:

* Stimulate discussion and debate amongst the European health care chaplaincy community.

* Help leaders and managers of health care organisations and faith communities to better understand the role and vision of health care chaplains.

* Inform other health care and faith community workers of the breadth of health care chaplaincy and its trends across Europe.

To read the statement in several languages please go to the Salzburg consultation's webpage.

Salzburg 2014




Fr. Simon Evers was elected Coordinator of the Network at the 14th Consultation in Debrecen in June 2016.

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The on-line European Health Care Chaplaincy Library contains abstracts of articles about health chaplaincy practice together with links to full articles where these are available on the Internet.


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